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ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2019.04

Release Highlights

  • Updated look and feel! In our last release, we upgraded our event website editor to provide more customization options for your event website - text, images, and even video. Combining that upgrade with new updates to the design style was a natural next step, and it will allow you to create a custom event website that looks better than ever - on any computer or mobile device.
  • Jump into the action! When bidding begins, you want your auction participants to be able to view items easily and start bidding right away. With the updates to the navigation, it now takes half as many clicks for bidders to get from your Event Website to your eCatalog to start checking out your items.

Improvements & Updates

  • Your auction event website is now better than ever! With more customization and improved navigation, your patrons and guests will have the best experience when purchasing tickets, viewing your event information, perusing your auction catalog, and more!

Notable Corrections

  • Collapsible headings in the event website navigation will have a consistent font and color.
  • The Anonymous Bidder Switch text will display white text when in the "on" position.
  • When you remove text from the Intro or Closing Messages section in your Event Website Setup screen, it will be removed from your event website immediately upon saving your settings.
  • When you remove an Event Website Banner, that change will be respected when viewed on any device.
  • The Menu button on your event website will display regardless of screen size, except if you are in bidding station mode.

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