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ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2018.04

ReadySetAuction Release 2018.04

The items listed in this section are ideas that come from you, our customers! We love to hear about what we can improve and what would help you do your job better. You can make suggestions at any time. Each idea is reviewed by our staff and has the potential to become a part of ReadySetAuction.

The 2018.04 release includes a significant improvement to the experience our client's donors and guests have when visiting their auction event website, just in time for the Fall auction season! Prior to this release, a visitor to the event site would not be able to even see information about ticket prices, sponsorship options, etc. without creating an account.

Now, visitors will be able to see the options and begin the purchase process prior to being prompted to log in or create an account. This is our first step in improving the event website and the account creation process and will add immediate value for our clients!

ReadySetAuction is pleased to present this popular enhancement and a few other fixes we were able to identify along the way:


  • Your potential event guests, donors and bidders no longer have to create an account to see what your event has to offer. Now, event details, ticket prices, sponsorship levels and what's in your event catalog are in full view. The account creation process only takes place when one of your event patrons
  • The Auction Administrator can choose to show Admission Ticket Categories, Sponsorship Levels, and Meal Choices on the Get Event Info tab of the event website.
  • If the date of your next event falls within one year of your ReadySetAuction contract period, you'll be notified on the Review Order screen that you may not need to pay for a new subscription. You'll be prompted to contact your account representative for a coupon code instead, so you can save a little money for your auction.


  • When an event staff member attempted to login in to an event for which they no longer have access, the login was blocked completely. Now, users will be redirected to an event for which they do have permission, and a message will display explaining why and what to do next.
  • The Control Center User Guide and the Check-In Guide are both available for viewing and download with no issues.
  • Oops - our file import tool wasn't validating files to make sure they were the correct format before importing. We've fixed that issue, so now you will only import .CSV files as designed, and those files are scanned for viruses first.

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