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ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2018.01

ReadySetAuction Release 2018.01

The items listed in this section are ideas that come from you, our customers! We love to hear about what we can improve and what would help you do your job better. You can make suggestions at any time. Each idea is reviewed by our staff and has the potential to become a part of ReadySetAuction.

  • Security, security, security! This first release for RSA in 2018 includes enhancements to the security for our clients and their data. There is now an additional layer of encryption between users and the web server. With this change, as well as the sunsetting of TLS 1.0, we are helping to ensure that our clients’ data is safe and secure

ReadySetAuction is pleased to present the following enhancements:


  • We’ve added an Event Time Field to our new Night of Event Phone Support option.
  • Added in-product messaging to let clients know to contact an account manager before purchasing another event. Clients who are on an annual contract can run unlimited non-concurrent events within a year of the purchase date!


  • We were able to verify that the things that PHPMailer's maintainers have singled out as vulnerabilites are not an issue for ReadySetAuction
  • We’ve eliminated the Chrome 56 "Not Secure" Warning in ReadySetAuction Applications
  • Fixed an issue that was adding Night of Event Phone Support when a client’s initial purchase of ReadySetAuction was processed with a coupon
  • In reorganizing the RSA Help Desk, we accidentally broke a link or two within the product. Happy to report they have been fixed!
  • Corrected an error that occurred when attempting to add a new payment card under Admin > Purchase Services
  • The DonorPerfect Reports screens now populate with all the correct information when selected
  • Updated any remaining HTTP links throughout ReadySetAuction for improved data security
  • The mobile Event Website Preview's “Back” button is operating as expected
  • Chrome's URL bar retains its green lock icon and "Secure" label on ReadySetAuction import forms
  • ReadySetAuction Session Cookies are Secure Cookies - Yum!
  • We’ve fixed a problem that was causing the system to direct to an incorrect Admin Tab URL after navigation to and away from the Purchase Services screen

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