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Adding Admission Ticket Categories

In ReadySetAuction, an Admission Ticket admits one person to your event. If you are using admission ticket bundles that admit more than one person, such as a ‘couple’ or ‘table’ ticket — you must set this up as a Sponsorship Level.

Setting Up Admission Tickets

Setting up admission tickets in ReadySetAuction is done through the Setup tab. You can set up your simple Admission tickets with various prices based on when the ticket is purchased to inspire your guests to commit to your auction event early, or even make sure you have the ability to issue comped tickets in just a few easy steps.

  1. In Setup, select Admission Tickets from the menu on the right side of the screen.
  2. Choose Add Admission Ticket Category from the tabs at the top right.
  3. Make sure the number of Seats is set to 1 (if you choose a higher number, you will be automatically redirected to the Sponsorship Level area).
  4. Decide whether you want to place a limit on the number of single Admission Tickets sold. Some organizations choose to do this so they can encourage groups to purchase at the Sponsorship Level and ensure they have enough tables for groups to be seated together.
  5. Enter the Admission Ticket Details:
    • Name your Ticket type. Some organizations will offer early bird pricing or reduced rates for members, so name your Admission Ticket category something that makes it easy to understand exactly what it is.
    • Add the Price of your ticket, then fill in the Fair Value - the actual real cost to your event for the items included with the purchase of one ticket.
    • Using the WYSIWYG editor, enter the ticket's Description. You can add styling to your text, like underlining or italics, bullets, numbering, indents, images, and links. Align your images and text however you want right within the Description field.
    • Choose the Sale Method from Disabled, Manual Entry, Online or both Manual and Online Entry.
    • Click the green Add Admission Ticket Category button to save your new Admission Ticket Category.

Sample Admission Ticket Structure

  • General Admission (admits 1) - $100
  • Early Bird Admission (admits 1) - $75
  • Teacher Admission (admits 1) - $25
  • Complimentary Admission (admits 1 - $0

If you want to sell Admission Tickets in bundles, that is considered a Sponsorship. Check out the section below for more information on that.

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