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Release Notes - ReadySetAuction v3.7

ReadySetAuction 3.7 Release

The items listed in this section are ideas that come from you, our customers! We love to hear about what we can improve and what would help you do your job better. You can make suggestions at any time. Each idea is reviewed by our staff and has the potential to become a part of ReadySetAuction.

  • We've improved the ReadySetAuction import utility! When you import donations, packages and patrons, the system will generate an exception file for any records that could not be imported. Now, in addition seeing the number of records that failed to import due to errors, our clients will have a file to show which records weren't imported and why. This was a frequently requested change that we hope will save you time and energy when importing your data.

ReadySetAuction is pleased to present the following enhancements:

New Feature

  • ReadySetAuction will not only help you identify records that failed to import, but why they failed, by generating an exception file after each import. This enables you to make corrections quickly and import that corrected data with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Night-of-event phone support is now available. Clients can purchase this through the Purchase Services screen (at least two weeks in advance of the event date), as well as from the marketing site when they make their initial purchase.

Check out the latest blog post, New Feature: ReadySetAuction Introduces Improved Import Process to read about the benefits of our latest new feature!

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